These works all imply a narrative. They involve a syntax that stretches across elements of architectural form to caricature, and from the domestic to the archetypal. Although the elements are overt, their relationships and interplay deliberately invites multiple and layered readings. Associations and connections are made and unmade, forming tentative ties to myth, memories, fables […]


Although these works adopt some of the formal conventions of architectural model making, it is perhaps more useful to think of them in relation to drawing – that is, drawing as thought made visible. If they are to be seen as models, then they are models that test rather than plan, that speculate rather than […]


Robert Wood’s work with architectural titles, such as Canopies or Pavilions, approach the constellation building-remembering-projecting from yet another angle, tending to start from the functions served by such buildings. Site 2009 Work Room 2009 Adjusted Currents 2008 Adjusted Currents (detail) 2008 Canopy I 2008 Canopy II 2008 Canopy and Pylon 2008 Canopy and Pylon 2008 […]

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